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Tube Bouncy Pork

Fermented Pork Sausage (Tall)

Fermented Pork Skin (Short)

Fermented Pork Nugget (Medium)

Yor Yuk Pork

Yor Yuk Chicken

Bouncy Pork A

Rada Bouncy Pork

Rada Bouncy Pork (Small)

Grilled Fermented Pork (10 units)

Fermented Fish (10 units)

Company History

In 1990, Charinrada Food Company Limited was founded by Mrs. Charinrada and Mr. Sophon Sophonchanakul who have been in the food industry for decades. Back in the early days, they started making Vietnamese pork sausage and fermented pork to their neighbors on special occasions. With exceptionally great taste made with high quality ingredients, their neighbors couldn’t wait special occasions anymore which resulting in transforming from home cooking specialty preserves to small food factory.

A few years later, they decided to relocate the factory to Nakhon Pathom where they could locally source all fresh ingredients whether it’s pork, beef, chicken or fish. Logistically-wise, they could make sure that all of their products used only fresh and high-quality ingredients in order to maintain highest standard for their products. Yet, they’ve improved production line with various machines and new innovative technologies to keep the factory on the front foot together with other leading food factories in Asia Pacific regions.

30 years
of experience